Grip your phone in style with natural stone. 

No two grips are the same as each stone has its own unique shape, size, and slight color differences. 

Use this amazing collapsible stone phone grip for multiple uses.  Attach this natural stone phone grip directly to your phone or your phone case for easier grip, taking photos with one hand, propping your phone, or wrapping your headphones.  Grip can easily be removed and reapplied. It will not ruin your phone or phone case!  This makes a fun accessory to your phone and adds convenience. 


  • No two grips are the same as each piece of stone has its own shape, size, and slight color differences.
  • Now includes an alcohol prep pad to clean the adhesive area for maximum hold
  • Take photos easier
  • Prop your phone
  • Wrap your headphones
  • Easy grip for multi-tasking

Please clean application area with provided alcohol prep pad and wipe area dry with towel before applying extendable grip. Press the phone grip down firmly for 5 -10 seconds to insure a strong bond is achieved. The 3M bonding tape is designed to apply a strong hold but also able to be removed so not to damaging your phone or case.

Natural Stone POP Phone Grips

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